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One account - hundreds of opportunities and possibilities

Bleeky.com is a modern social network in Ukraine. Have you ever thought that the opportunities provided by the Internet should be easily accessible and without any interaction with many sites? Need to contact friends or family? Want to meet new friends, find a beautiful girl or a real man? Want to sell an old TV? Do you want to participate in this auction and it is very profitable to buy or sell something? I lost the dog and you need to contact the neighbors, but there are no contacts? Want to play the legendary psychological game "Mafia"? Want to make money just talking, getting to know and playing? In all this and in many other things our social network will help you. The plans of our team are to integrate all the possibilities of the Internet in one project for your convenience and easy access.

The project is non-commercial and has no external investment. At the moment, there is an active development and modification. Thank you for being with us.